How long does your kid take to get bored of a new toy?

Every kid has different capabilities to perform different tasks. They have their own choices, likes, and dislikes. The temperament level and attention span are not even the same in twins too. So only parents can know about the Interests of their child and which things attract him the most. Sometimes, when you buy a toy for your kid; he may be excited for a minute but after some time he does not even want to see it. Maybe his brain wants something more creative and relaxing or he doesn’t like the color or texture of a toy. According to the research and psychology tests, a kid lost his interest in a toy within 35 days. And kids who show less interest in playing can get bored of a new toy in a day.


Why do kids lose interest in a toy?

It does not mean that your kid has an ego issue or he is spoiled if he doesn’t want to play with a toy. Maybe he doesn’t find the toy attractive or tempted anymore. Playing with the same toy every day can also make your kid get bored of it and want to get rid of it. This is also a reason to break a toy. So make a playing routine for your kid, and arrange the toys in different boxes. And give it to him accordingly. After 2 to 3 days, hide some of the toys and give him other toys to play with. Then after a week again give the toys to whom he has lost interest.

But this technique cannot be applied to some kids, because they get easily sick of new toys. Parents should sell those toys at half prices or try to buy the toys that are not expensive. Search in the market or online and always buy an affordable toy that is colorful and has any meaning to convey to your child.


Toys are wanted or wasted?

Research says that a kid has 4 fore granted toys that he doesn’t want to see and play with. That will be 162 million unwanted toys just in the UK. It is becoming difficult for parents to what to buy for their kids and whatnot. Because most of the toys go unplayed and unwanted whether it is plush toys, cars, or learning toys. Most parents buy more and more toys for their kids, and afterward, they will be thrown into playing create that will only create a mess. Variation of a lot of toys of the same toys will only frustrate and distract your kid and he will lose his interest in toys.

So buy only 1 to 2 toys per month, that have some purpose and entertainment in them. They should be colorful and your baby will be comfortable playing with them. Make a set of toys and place them in a storage box. Try to give your kids some of the toys and hide the other ones. So he will forget about them and whenever he will play with them he feels like it is a new toy and he never have seen it before.

If your kid is not playing with toys, it doesn’t mean that he is outgrown or the toy may be useless. Try to make it a creative and innovative thing for him. Your kid can play with a toy for his whole life, you just have to continue to make the charm and interest of that toy in your kid.


How to keep the kid interested in a toy?

If your kid shows a lack of interest in toys and feels bored or low? Do not be panic or disturbed. You do not need to buy more new toys, just follow some strategies and steps to keep the interest of your kid in his toys. Do not throw or resale the toys, you buy them with love for your kid. So let your kid learn how to play with them. We will guide you, and keep your morale high so your kids will.

·         Purchase open-ended toys

Most of the toys available on market are easily playable and your kid does not need to think or stimulate his mental abilities. These toys are boring for them after some time. So buy them open-ended toys, so they will continue to solve and fix it with various possible solutions and enjoy their leisure time spending with their favorite toy.


·         Introduce innovation

There is always a proper way to play with a toy. Playing with it many times will be boring for some kids. So you have to do is create a little innovation and introduce something new to that toy. So that it will look interesting to a kid and he wants to play with it and enjoy his playing time.


·         Swapping toys

This is one of the best strategies to do with a kid who does not like his toys anymore. If many families are living around then swap the toys of your kids with them. It will give them chance to play with new and unseen toys and they will love to play. This will help you a lot and you do not need to buy more and more toys or throw the unwanted toys.


·         Introduce rotation of toys

The most effective technique of all the time is the rotating toys technique. From the huge collection, provide your kid with some of the toys and hide the rest of them. When he gets bored to the given toys then hide the unwanted ones and give him the stored ones. This technique not only increase focus and interest but also relax parents.

If you follow these strategies, there will be less mess around the home and you also feel satisfied. Just appreciate your kid and pamper him whenever he feels bored with his toys. Show them that playing with the toys is fun and they can play with the toy in various ways. You are a parent, just don’t get disheartened and know how to tackle the situation.