How can I learn a keyboard instrument at home?

Keyboard instruments have a row of horizontal levers, that are pressed to produce sound. The most common of them is the Piano which is liked by people. Some of them are played by finger while others are pressed by keys. If you also want to play a keyboard instrument but are a newbie? No problem. We will guide the steps to take a start.


Steps to follow for learning a keyboard instrument




The keyboard instrument is considered an important milestone when you aim to learn many other musical instruments too. Because if you have a grip on it, you can easily play and learn another instrument too.

  • Planning to learn a keyboard instrument like the piano. Then along with the piano must buy a bench, so you can sit properly on it and have a proper posture.
  • Use the black keys as your guide and place your fingers inside the black keys for best notes.
  • Keep in mind that there are seven notes of the musical alphabet on the keyboard. That is A, B, C, D, E, F, G. When G ends, A note starts again.
  • Just remember the whole note, half note, and quarter note thing. The whole note is a hollow dot, and it lasts for 4 beats. The half note is a whole dot along with an arm that goes upward. But half note lasts for 2 beats. While a quarter note is a filled black dot of a half note. But it lasts to only one beat. 

How to start playing piano?


As you learn about the body and hand posture for playing the piano. And many concepts about playing piano. Now it’s your turn to start playing it. Start slowly from the middle of the piano, make the control and position of fingers, and focus on the notes. Play repeatedly C, D, and E, when you have a grip on it. Then try some other notes for fun and practice too. 

Kalimba for kids


Kalimba is an instrument that is mainly used in ancient and traditional Zimbabwe. It is a wooden board on which metal tines are attached to it. It produces the sound by plucking the tines by using the thumb and right forefinger.

Kids can easily learn it because it is very simple to play. You don’t need to play it with all your fingers. You can play many tunes on it, and its sound is unique from other instruments. Kalimbas are good for kids, and they will increase concentration and hand-eye coordination too. Even a simple kalimba can easily be used by a 7-year-old kid. And they will also enjoy playing it.

The simple kalimba has 8 notes on it, while some kalimbas that are designed for adults or teens have 17 notes too. So choose wisely according to the age of your kid and your interest too.

Whether you want a keyboard instrument for you or your kid.