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Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Kids’ Special Stuffed Toys

Tips & Tricks to Maintain Your Kids’ Special Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys and animals aren't like humans: they can't bathe themselves. In general, all children like having a stuffed toy buddy with whom they can converse, take care of and adore. Since many parents would not allow their children to have a pet, a stuffed animal is an excellent alternative. It offers the cuddling sensation of a genuine pet while still being adorable and easy to look after. While no blog post can adequately explain how much your kid adores their new friend, this guide will offer some ideas for ways to demonstrate your affection for their stuffed toys.

Your kid's favorite stuffed toys and trinkets are indeed a member of their clan. These, like your children, ought to be cleaned every now and again for hygiene purposes. You must ensure that these loved toys are properly looked for. If a soft toy seems to have a label attached to it, let's hope it is still understandable for you to carry out the appropriate washing style. At least once every month, dust the toys. Nap hours or late at nights are ideal clean up periods!  To keep the dust from creating a foundation for coarser filth, try using a soft toothbrush or hover a vacuum over it. You're in great luck if you've found a label that states your stuffed toys can be machine washed. With only a few easy actions, you might well be able to get the toy back to your youngster in almost a brand-new avatar.

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Tips on Cleaning Stuffed Toys

  1. Utilize airtight storage containers: Airtight containers and bins are your biggest shot for preventing pests, dust and filth from accumulating on the stuffed toys. These storing boxes may be kept underneath your beds or even in the attic. While you're storing them in the garage, keep them on an elevated surface in times of flood.
  2. Baking soda soaks up smells: Put the toys inside a zip lock bag containing baking soda and mix thoroughly if they are gritty or mildly stained. Oil, odor, wax and dust will be absorbed by the dry powders. Bring the toy out of the zip lock and dust it all out. You can also vacuum it thoroughly with a microfiber brushing.
  3. Sterilize them: To help remove bacteria, parasites, pathogens and other odor-causing microorganisms from your stuffed toy, employ a strong cleaning solution. Ensure that it is fabric-friendly. Although neutralized chlorine bleach is frequently recommended as a toy disinfectant, this solvent may degrade the color of toys and perhaps even damage the fabric on a certain number of them. Remember to read its fabric structure and cautions mentioned on the care tag.
  4. Air-dry the stuffed toys: The last thing your kids want is a disfigured version of your favorite stuffed toy. Dry the toys by hanging them up to dry naturally. It's best not to use the machine dryer because it might cause shrinking. These dryers also corrode the toys’ fabric and thus ruin them completely.
  5. Keep away from harsh sunlight: Excessive sunshine, temperature, moisture fluctuations and pests may all harm stuffed toys just like they harm other fabrics and materials. Thus, when preserving and exhibiting them, remember to consider these variables.
  6. Freeze in case of fungal spread: If you detect a stuffed toy with fungal spread growing on it, there could be a great number of reasons for it. Excessive moisture and poor storage places are some of them. In such situations, immediately seal it in a plastic zip-lock bag and freeze it. Keep it in the freezer for a minimum period of 15 days before cleaning it properly. 
  7. Cleaning schedule: Stuffed toys can become home to major diseases if not cleaned at the right time. It is recommended that you wash your kid’s stuffed toy after they have fallen sick and once a week if they sleep with it. Do not allow a stuffed toy on their bed or in the wardrobe if they took it outside with them. All these steps ensure minimum transfer of bacteria.
  8. Spot clean: If a particular part of the toy is soiled, do not go over the hassle of washing the entire thing. Instead do spot cleaning. Dissolve 01 tsp dish soap cleanser in 01 cup of cold water.  To begin, conduct a color-check test by putting a cotton bud in water and rubbing an insignificant location of the stuffed toy. If the coloring does not spread from the toy to the bud, you're good to go. Softly rub the stuffed toy with the edge of a soft cloth to remove dirt. When you're finished, wipe off the detergent with a clean and damp towel soaked.

Why Should Stuffed Toys be Cleaned Often?

Washing and sterilizing stuffed toys serves to lessen the transmission of pathogens and the spread of contagious diseases. If your kid suffers from respiratory diseases and other allergies, it's critical to cleanse their soft toys on a routine basis to remove dust and other allergens. Weekly washing and sterilizing of stuffed toys are highly recommended. Most bacteria, dirt and drool are removed by properly scrubbing toys using laundry detergents. This is the most crucial stage in toy washing. In addition to that, when machine washing your stuffed toys, it is best advised to place them in a silk or satin pillowcase. This will help in avoiding unnecessary wear and tear that takes place in the machine.

It's usually easy to clean and maintain stuffed toys. Some of them, on the other hand, are older or much more fragile compared to the rest. For all those worn-out toys, hand-washing is the best option, although machine washing is acceptable as with most stuffed toys. It’s not rocket science but it is also imperative to wash them right. Do what fits the best and keep your tiny tots happy and healthy!

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