Why solar energy toy kits are famous among kids?

Want to buy a unique toy for your kid? A toy that has fun, and entertainment and also make him learn different aspects of science? Then you should go for solar power or solar energy toy kits. Yes, we are talking about solar-powered toys, that do not need a battery or remote to operate. Rather they use solar energy for functioning. It can be light, boats, cars, insects, airplanes, and many more.

The world of tech needs kids that have a sense of practicality and capabilities. It is up to us, to develop the general concepts of happy living in our kids. Give them great exposure and try them learn new concepts in easy and fun ways. So solar toys play a great role in the learning process. That’s why they are popular among kids, nowadays.


What are solar toys?

You can motivate your kid and create a healthy learning environment. It can only be possible if you provide them with trendy and innovative toys. Like solar-powered toys. You may not know about them. But they are emerging and creative toys to date.

Solar energy toy kits are small and handy toys. They are self-powered, and the power it contains is very little. But the positive thing is that you can recharge it anytime. Most solar toys have a rechargeable battery in them. It can be charged by sun rays. The charge level depends on, how much time you left it under the sun's rays. And how much capacity the battery has.

There are different ranges of solar power toys. From 3 years to onwards kids can play and learn from it. Many experimental and solar toy kits help the kids to learn about the use of energy and how it is being collected. That is how power goes into the motor and the motor uses it to operate the toy.


How does a solar energy toy kit work?

The solar toys are mostly colorful lights, handy cars, or any other shape like insects. The working principle of these toys is so easy. They work on the simple mechanism of energy from the sun. After the solar panel of the toy absorbs the sun ray. You put the toy on, the electric current passes through the voice coil in the form of pulses.

These voice coils are present at the bottom of the toy. A magnetic field has been created that runs across the axis of the voice coil. The creation of a magnetic field pulls the magnet towards the voice coil. This will cause the toy to start its performance. That’s how it works.


5 fantastic solar power toys

Small solar toys are suitable for kids, more than three years of age. But the mechanical solar toys, that are used after assembling are 8+years. There are hundreds of solar toys out on the market. Just buy them according to the age group of your kid. And according to his interest and likes. Some of the best solar energy toy kits are:

·       Speedy boat

It is a DIY solar toy, that is best for creative building. Play and learn with fun. This package has a screwdriver, solar panel, plastic parts, and electric motor in it.

·       3D solar puzzle

A wooden puzzle that will rotate by using solar power. It helps your kid to learn about mechanical and solar power.


·       LED light

It is solar lights that also change their color. They absorb solar rays in the wind chime. It is the best decoration for your home.


·       Beetle toy

An insect that operates on solar energy is a fun toy for kids. Solar energy is absorbed in it. It vibrates and moves freely until the battery last.


·       Hybrid car

A solar hybrid car that uses principles of electronics and mechanics in it. Assemble it using the manual.

There are many other cars, planes, and toys that are powered by solar energy. Buy the toy according to the interest of your kid.


How are solar toys beneficial?

Toys are always beneficial and provide entertainment to not only kids but adults too. We cannot say that a specific toy is good or other is bad. Their purpose is to make your leisure time; productive and creative. Following are the listed pros of having a solar toy at home:

  • Solar toys are noise-free toys that don’t need huge maintenance. They are reliable toys that provide you will clean energy.
  • When a kid does experiments on solar energy at school or home. They will get to know about collecting energy and using it according. The science experiment can be performed at home on solar toys. That is how motors collect energy and use it for operating the solar toy.
  • For elder or teenage boys, assembling a solar toy from a toy kit is a great idea. They will learn electronics and mechanics by connecting plastic parts with solar panels and electric motors.
  • The advantage of having solar toys is that it uses unlimited solar energy. You do not need to go to the market and buy batteries again and again.
  • Regular batteries that are purchased from the market contain lead. Which is harmful to kids and the environment too. Because it emits carbon. While solar toys do not need them.
  • Solar-powered toys are eco-friendly and create a sense of accuracy and technicalities in kids. They are both entertaining and educational toys.

Providing your kid with solar energy toy kits will encourage them to explore the technologies with fun. They will learn electronic technology and mechanics from an early age. And it will become easy in their future life to understand the difficult phenomenon of science.


Can we make a solar toy at home?

If you have a cute little scientist at home. Who wants to make his solar car or plane. Don’t worry. Open YouTube, you will easily learn how to make a solar toy at home. The first thing you will do is to assemble all the plastic parts of a toy(car, house, insect). Then attach the magnet to the base of the toy. Put solar panel and voice coil all together. Press all the components to fit inside a toy. Your toy is in working condition. Enjoy it.