20x20mm HIFIONRC F7 Mini 25A/45A 4in1 ESC 3-6S Flytower FPV Stack Combo Compatibled with DJI Air Unit

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HIFIONRC F7 Mini Specifications:

MCU: STM32F722RGT6 216 MHZ

IMU: MPU6000

OSD: Betaflight SPI OSD and DI HD OSD (UART6)

Receiver: RX2 (UART2)

UART: 6 groups

Bluetooth tuning: Yes Corresponding port UART4-MSP

Barometer: Yes

Number of motor output signals: 6

Signal port protection: Yes

BEC: 5V 2.5A plus 10V 2A dual-path BEC supports stable power supply for DIl HD and high-power analog graphics transmission [add intelligent short-circuit protection]

Input voltage: 3-6S (capacitor must be used and soldered to the ESC terminal)

Black box: 16MB

Use firmware: HIFIONRC F7 [support running firmware Betaflight Emuflight INAV]

LED: The flight controller comes with 10 programmable LED lamp beads, and supports external LED

Receiver: Support Sbus, CRSF, IBUS, Spektrum 1024/2048, Sbus, xBUS, SumD and SumH RX built-in reverser, support 3.3V Spektrum satellite receiver.

Installation size: 20mm×20mm mounting hole for M3 support shock absorber column installation

Dimensions 30mm×30mm

Flight control weight: 5.8 grams

HIFIONRC F7Star has wireless Bluetooth parameter modulation function. The UART used for Bluetooth parameter modulation is UART4_MSP. The Bluetooth signal is isolated and will not interfere with the receiver and other devices. (If you can’t find the Bluetooth antenna, don’t worry, we will hide it)

By default, this FC includes the DJ1 HD cable. If you use DJl HD, this means that you don't need to purchase FC and DJl HD cables separately. If you are using traditional Video TX, don't worry. FC comes with AT7456 chip, so you can still use OSD function. STM32F722 MCU has a built-in inverter, so the receiver can be installed in any RX. Used when opening the corresponding UART serial digital receiver (default value is RX2_UART2).

25A/45A 4in1 ESC Specifications:

Firmware: GH 30【BLheli-S】

With voltmeter, ammeter, [voltage calibration ratio is the default, current calibration ratio is 245]

There are flight control sockets.

A shock absorber can be installed.

25A recommends using 11 to 15 motors.

45A recommends using 12 to 22 motors. [For reference only, the actual selection is based on the motor efficiency diagram]

Package Included:

1* HIFIONRC F7 Mini/25A ESC/45A ESC/F7 Mini+25A ESC/F7 Mini+45A ESC (Optional)


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