JCZK 450L V2 DFC 6CH 3D Aerobatics One Button Rescue Information Return Smart RC Helicopter RTF with AT9S PRO Transmitter

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Based on the first generation of fixed-point hovering and one-click return to home, the 3D stunts you want are finally here!!! In the aerobatic mode, it is infinitely close to the feel of the aileronless gyroscope. In the process of flying aerobatics, you can switch to the self-stabilization or fixed-point mode at any time, and the aircraft will automatically be corrected to achieve the one-key rescue function. It is an artifact for novices to advance 3D...
In order to solve the problem that the tail rotor hits the ground and the gears are easy to wear when the model friends are flying and landing, we have also introduced the skin transfer version and the shaft transfer version. If there is no good flight field , the skin transfer version will greatly reduce the possibility of tooth sweeping (axis The transmission efficiency is higher if the version is passed), each has its own advantages, and the mold friends can choose at will.
In the traditional flybarless gyro helicopter, the 3D stunt has two throttle positions, high and low speed, and the degree of violence during flight is also different.
So we set two throttle speeds in the second-generation intelligent 3D version of 450L. When flying the route, we use ordinary throttle. The speed is lower, the operation is soft, and the battery life is long. When flying stunts, the 3D throttle is used, the speed is high, the speed is sensitive and violent. Let novices and veterans be able to operate, so that the perfect combination of intelligence and 3d!
450L intelligent 3D version, information return version, the remote control can display the aircraft battery voltage in real time, the aircraft battery is low, and the remote control automatically vibrates and alarms. It can also display various parameters such as the number of stars, latitude and longitude, distance, altitude, etc., real-time grasp of the battery voltage, flying more assured, so that power failure and bombing accidents will not happen again.

Brand: JCZK
Item: 450L V2 RC Helicopter
Body Length: 705mm
Body Width: 110mm
Body height: 205mm
Main Blades Diameter: 804mm
Main Blades Length: 360mm
Tail Blades Diameter: 171mm
Main Motor Gear: 11T
Final Gear: 121T
Tail Drive Main Gear: 106T
Tail Drive Ratio: 25T
Gear Ratio: 1:11:4.24
Weight: 730g(not include battery)
Flying Time: about 15mins
Flying Distance: About 1000m
Warm tips:
450L is not 450. The net length of 45L fuselage is 705mm (including the total length of propeller is 950mm), the net length of 450 fuselage is 634mm (including the total length of propeller is 880mm). 450L is much larger than 450. The corresponding accessories and electronic parts of 450L are also larger than 450.

1.3D Intelligent Flight Control dual mode GPS positioning
2.Fixed-point hover easy to use for novices
3.Dual-mode GPS positioning intelligent return to home
4.Three flight modes: Self-stabilization mode / fixed-point mode / trick mode
5.OSD information return: Real-time voltage return Low voltage automatic alarm
6.20 minutes long battery life
The new design of the fuselage side panellarger battery compartment, longer battery life

1* 450L V2 RC Helicopter
1* AT9S PRO Transmitter
1* 3000mAh Battery

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